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TotalBodyDefence is an award winning modern street defence system and you will be very hard pressed to find anything remotely like us, read in our about us section how we have been through an amazing journey from traditional roots to the modern day envisioning.

Welcome to not just a Self defence group by what could be a Life Changing Experience

Our passion for what we do is infectious  - Give us your time and you Will Axchieve Your Goals!



We are a no ego, open minded organisation. and with this comes a relaxed yet serious and focused mindset that will carry us forward to our next chapter. Why not seek us out or request us to come to you through our training and seminar pages, or even visit any of our seminars. 


Would you like to be part of this? If so let us know! 

Thank you for visiting us we truly do appreciate it,

Alun Williams Chief Instructor 5th Dan & the TBD Team



 We are a leading Self Defence Company within South Wales

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  We offer our hand in friendship and hope that you find something of benefit from our comprehensive website. 





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